Our Story


our history

Rod Sharpe started in the cattle business while farming row crops in northeastern Colorado in an effort to diversify and fully utilize the land he farmed.  As his herd grew, so did his passion for seed stock genetics. He flirted with many breeds from Main Anjou to Charolais.  His heart finally settled on Angus cattle, and he began his search for the best possible genetics.

Leroy Goertz (Janet’s father) began procuring land after his service in the army and built the farm and ranch business that now supports many family members.  He began with mostly wheat farming (since his father, C.F. Goertz, had homesteaded on a farm in Bordeau, WY) and moved into the cattle business for diversification of income.  Starting with Hereford cattle, he soon moved to an Angus commercial herd, as they provided better beef and income.  Janet grew up involved in the wheat farming, especially harvesting activities, and helping with some feeding in the feedlots during summers when she was not in school.  After teaching and being a school principal and administrator for thirty years, she retired from that occupation and came back to her roots in the Wyoming grassland.


Janet and Rod combined those two operations to create what is now Sharpe Ranch, where their son Aaron joined them in the endeavor. When the ranch was originally started in Wyoming, commercial cattle were the only cattle to walk the ranch, and they still make up the majority of the stock on the ranch today. As time went on in Wyoming, the Sharpe family’s passion for the Angus breed again arose, and they went on a mission to find cows that could produce the low birth, high growth genetics that they sought in bulls for the Sharpe Ranch commercial herd.



With the increasing availability of embryo transfer technology, Sharpe Ranch is now able to more feasibly obtain top quality females with partners.  Instead of taking the entire risk and financial hit of purchasing these females, they are now able to spread that risk between partners and are therefore able to procure the best genetics available.  Though the initial reasoning behind partnerships was financial, Sharpe Ranch has been blessed to find life long friends in these partners and are now happy to be able to market cattle with some of the partners through the Sharpe Ranch bull sale, and theirs.  Rod and Janet are now proud owners of cattle, not only in Wyoming, but also Indiana, Wisconsin, Montana, and California as well.